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Triathlon Across the USA: State #23-North Dakota

Harmon Lake Park, Mandan, North Dakota, July 18, 2015 – Bismarck Triathlon

What is it like to do a triathlon in winds gusting to 40 miles per hour (64 km per hour)? The 2015 Bismarck Triathlon showed us just how much wind can influence a race.


Planning the North Dakota Triathlon

can i buy Depakote at walmart highlights factors we typically consider in selecting a triathlon, especially those involving overnight travel.  For Joy and me, one of the keys to out-of-state triathlons has been to combine travel to the event with a visit to friends or family or a place of special interest (e.g. buy Depakote australia).  Sometimes, we manage to accomplish more than one of these.

North Dakota was unique in this respect.  Here’s the reason.

In 2015, North Dakota had among the fewest triathlons of any state.  On top of this, one of the three scheduled triathlons involved kayaking and mountain biking as an alternative to swimming and road biking.

Frankly, I was concerned that the one conventional sprint triathlon in North Dakota might eventually become extinct.

So, in February, we decided that this would be the year to complete the North Dakota triathlon and put behind us concerns about completing a triathlon in this state.


A Pleasant Surprise at Registration

During registration for the event, I learned that I could save $2 on the fee if I shared news of the registration with my Facebook friends.  Of course, I took advantage of this.

After sharing the post, I learned that one of my friends, Tom Lipp, had completed the Bismarck Triathlon the prior year.  I also learned that Tom was now training for Ironman Wisconsin.

You can read about his experience training for and racing in Ironman Wisconsin buy Depakote online australia.


Getting to Bismarck

Bismarck is actually a twin city with Mandan, North Dakota, home of Harmon Park and the Bismarck Triathlon.  The two cities are separated by the Missouri River with Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, on the east side of the river.  Mandan is on the west side of the Missouri River.

By the way, did you know that the best place to buy Depakote, beating out the Mississippi by 21 feet?  And, that’s before it joins the Mississippi River just north of St, Louis, Missouri.

Driving to the Bismarck-Mandan area from our Minneapolis, Minnesota area home was about as easy a trip as one can make – start the audiobook, get on Interstate 94 West, and stay on it for just under six hours past the Red River Valley and some of the flattest parts of the USA.

We left home on Friday around 10:30 am and set our GPS coordinates for Epic Sports in Bismarck, location for race packet pick-up.  After collecting the packet, including the race T-shirt, we checked into the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

We then headed downtown, taking a short detour around the North Dakota State Capital building along the way.

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The North Dakota capitol building in Bismarck.


Following a short walk around the renovated downtown area, we stopped at one of the restaurants recommended by the hotel desk clerk, can you buy Depakote over the counter.  Dinner tonight consisted of authentic Irish food – creamed cabbage and corned beef for Joy and fish & chips for me.


11th Annual Bismarck Triathlon

The Bismarck event included sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.  There was also a sprint distance relay option in which three members of a relay team each completed one of the legs.

Distances for the three legs of this can you buy Depakote in mexico sprint triathlon were:

  • Swim: 0.31 mile (500 m)
  • Bike: 12.4 miles (20 km)
  • Run: 3.1 miles (5 km)

The 10 am starting time for the Bismarck Triathlon was the latest of any I have raced so far.  The transition area did not even open until 8:30 am, a time at which most triathlons are starting or already underway.

Because of the later start, I had been concerned about the fact that the average high temperatures during the week before the triathlon had been just under 100°F.  (I am not a fan of running in extreme heat.)

Today, however, the air temperature at race time was a chilly 60°F (16°C).  On top of this, the wind was howling, with an average speed of 25 miles per hour (40 km per hour) and gusts to 40 miles per hour (64 km per hour).

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Transition area of the Bismarck Triathlon in Harmon Park. The picture was taken near the beach of Harmon Lake.



It quickly became apparent to the poor souls who were assigned the job of placing the race buoys for the sprint and Olympic distances that the wind was too much for the anchors meant to secure the buoys in place.  The buoys simply would not stay where they were placed.

On top of this, the volunteers in kayaks who were supposed to provide a rest stop along the course for swimmers needing a break during the swim leg had to spend all of their time paddling to trying to stay near the course.  With the wind today, it was not possible for them to provide the support for swimmers that race organizers intended.

So, just before the start of the race, with the wind clearly in control, the race director decided to shorten the swim course, creating one that ran parallel to the shore a few yards away from it.

The revised course, reported to be 250 m by one swimmer with a GPS watch, was judged to be safe for the conditions of the day.  Fortunately, everyone was safe through the swim and the remaining legs of the race were completed as planned.

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Harmon Lake early in the morning before the wind picked up. Note the orange and yellow buoys near the other side of the lake for the sprint and Olympic distances respectively.



For the bike leg, the numbers on my bike computer tell the story.  The average speed was 14 mph (23 km/hr) while the maximum speed was 37 mph (60 km/hr).

While biking uphill, into the wind, the speed was incredibly slow at between 9 and 11 miles per hour (14-18 km/hr).  For most of the ride, I avoided the where can i buy Depakote for fear of being blown off the road.

After the initial approximately two miles into the westerly wind, we turned.  Now, the wind was from the side making the ride even more treacherous.


Triathlon training tip – While we may be inclined to avoid inclement weather when training, we should take advantage of these opportunities, at least some of them.  Training in conditions, such as rain or wind, which could be experienced on race day, helps to prepare for these when we eventually face them during a race.  Reminds me of can i buy Depakote over the counter in usa.


The maximum speed came on the return of this out-and-back course where we road downhill with the wind at our back.



I prefer that the run course not include a hill immediately out of transition.  The legs are already struggling to adapt to running after biking.

But today I was not getting my wish.  The run out of transition involved a significant hill on the same road within the park that we had just returned from the bike course.  And, with the wind today, my legs were more tired after the tough bike ride.

The run was also on an out-and-back course, sharing a section of the bike route.  The initial portion took us past the campground within Harmon Park where campers turned spectators cheered us on.

As with the bike, we ran into the wind for the major portion of the first half of the run.  But just as with the bike leg, the wind helped us back to the finish line after the turnaround.



I ended the race with the second best time of five participants in the 60+ year Age Group in which I raced.   Nothing to brag about, but no injuries.

Another state closer to the goal.


Race First’s

  • First race in which strong winds forced a change in the swim course.
  • Latest start time; first race with a start time of 10 am.

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Product Review: Tyr Ergo Nose Clip for Swimming

If water in your nose during swimming leaves you sneezing, with a runny nose, or, worse yet, congested, then you and I have something in common.  You will also find my experience with a nose clip useful for your triathlon swim training.


I Love Swimming But . . .

I consider myself a comfortable swimmer.  I generally stay calm during pool and open water swims.

I have developed a comfortable, relaxed breathing technique. I exhale through my mouth and nose while my face is in the water.  This generally keeps me from taking in much water during the swim.  But, there is always some water that gets into my mouth and nose.

The pool water that gets into my nose will invariably result in a runny nose and, occasionally, sneezing over the next few hours.

When I swim in lake water, even the slightest amount of water in my nose will leave me with a plugged nose, making sleeping the next night difficult.  I blame it on an allergy to the algae in the lake water.

While a nasal decongestant will help reduce the congestion, I avoid using one until it is absolutely necessary.

In the past, I had tried a nose clip that I dug out of my wife’s gym bag.  However, it was more hassle than good since it slipped off my nose after a short time in the water.


Rethinking the Nose Clip

Recently, I came across an article about Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Missy Franklin.  The article showed her wearing a nose clip.

This got me thinking.

Since I live near a lake, open water swim training is very accessible.  I decided that I wanted to try to solve the problem.

I took to the internet to review various nose clips.  It seemed that for every positive review, there was an equally negative one.  In most cases, the reviewers with negative comments wrote of the clip falling off their nose.  Several even lost their clip during its first use.  No brand seemed to have a completely positive review.

In the end, I went to local sporting goods stores, finally finding a clip at a local REI store.  I purchased the last unit of the only model that they had, the Tyr Ergo Swim Clip.

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Picture 1: My experience with the Tyr Ergo Swim Clip has been positive, especially with the clip attached to my swim goggles.


Protecting My Investment

The nose clip was inexpensive (around $5) so it wasn’t going to be terrible if I lost it in the lake.

However, I preferred not to have to keep running around shopping for another if I were to lose this one.  Remember, my experience with nose clips thus far was that they tended to fall off.

I decided to find a way to keep from losing the clip in the lake.  The first attempt was to use some good quality dental floss to secure the clip around my neck (like a necklace).  This was similar to the design of the clip that I had borrowed from my wife, except that it used a rubber strap.

The floss was secured to the clip using a loose knot around the bridge of the clip.  The knot was smaller than the ends of the clip so that it would not come off – see the inset in the picture in this article whose caption begins with “Here is what worked for me.”


First Open Water Swim

In my first open water swim of one mile, the clip came loose two times, the first time after swimming more than a half mile.  Since the process of coming off my nose was relatively slow, I was able to stop and reattach the clip before it came completely off.


Pool Swim

The second time, I used the clip in the LA Fitness swimming pool.  Again, I found that the floss holding the clip around my neck would catch on my face, occasionally tugging on the clip.  I was certain that this is the reason the clip started to come off my nose.

While in the pool, I also found that the nose clip did not sink to the bottom of the pool when dropped in the water.  Instead it floated somewhat below the surface of the water.   Still, I was not going to give up on securing it.


Second Open Water Swim

The next time, during an open water swim in a nearby lake, I attached the floss holding the clip to my goggles (see picture below).  The floss was still the original length; throughout the swim, I could feel the floss dancing around my face, occasionally catching momentarily on my skin and tugging on the clip.

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Picture 2: Swim goggles with Tyr Ergo Nose Clip connected by dental floss. In this case, the floss is longer than needed which caused it to catch on my face during the swim.

However, over the course of a mile, the nose plug came loose, but not completely off, only once.  Progress!


Third Time’s a Charm

Before the next lake swim, I reduced the length of the floss holding the clip to the bridge of my goggles so that it was not brushing against or catching on my face.

how to buy Depakote

Picture 3: Here is what has worked for me for triathlon swim training. Swim goggles with Tyr Ergo Nose Clip connected by floss. The floss is secured to the nose clip by a knot that prevents the floss from passing over either of the two larger ends of the clip.

The result was exactly as I hoped.  The clip stayed on my nose throughout a one mile lake swim.  And, more importantly, there was no runny nose or congestion.



If you have problems with water getting in your nose during swimming, the swim clip may be the solution.  You can avoid losing it – or worrying about losing it – in the pool, lake, river, or ocean by clipping it to you goggles using a short piece of floss or string.


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Triathlon Across the USA: State #22 – New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 20, 2014 – City of Santa Fe Triathlon

The news of wild fires in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado during early July 2018 brought back memories of our trip to the area in 2014.  Read on to learn about the visit in the story of the City of Santa Fe Triathlon, our New Mexico triathlon in the ‘Triathlon Across the USA’ adventure.

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