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Triathlon Swim – How Does a Pool Swim Differ from Open Water?

by Terry VanderWert
Triathlon Swim – How Does a Pool Swim Differ from Open Water?
In a triathlon, hundreds of swimmers may start at the same time.

A surprising number of triathletes indicate that their greatest concern or weakest leg of the triathlon is swimming. The ‘concern’ element typically decreases quickly or even disappears with training, experience and confidence.

This article reviews the main features of pool and open water triathlon swimming.   The characteristics of each should be factored into your training.

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How to Choose Your Next Triathlon

How to Choose Your Next Triathlon
Swim start at Rocky Gap Triathlon

Our children were grown, out of the house, and creating their own families. Meanwhile, my wife and I were missing the road trips that had been an integral part of our lives while our children were in high school and college.

So, following my first triathlon in 2011, we decided on the goal of doing a sprint triathlon in each state by age 70 (the first one was at age 58). This meant doing about four races per year in four states.

Part of the challenge, and frankly the enjoyment, of achieving this goal has been the process of planning the race season and of selecting the races.   In this article, I will share the general process that we have been following even if it varies slightly from year to year.


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