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Our Stories

Inspiring, information-packed stories of men and women age 50 and over who compete in triathlon and other multisport endurance events

Triathlon Across the USA

If you are interested in following us on our journey across the USA while doing a triathlon in each state, click here.

  • Triathlon For a Healthy Brain – Pat & Joan Hogan’s Story
    The physical exercise that accompanies endurance sports like triathlon supports a healthy brain. Just as our muscles adapt to the stress of weight training to become stronger, our brain adapts to new challenges. Most of us are […]
  • 101 Triathlons – John Dean’s Story
    Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I do a triathlon”? If you have been thinking about doing your first triathlon or going further with the sport, John Dean is a good guy to know. He has seen […]
  • A Healthy Retirement Plan – Mark Bartolomeo’s Story
    Imagine being retired or near retirement and at the start of your first triathlon. Or, the triathlon could be the first of a longer distance. Are you feeling prepared? Or are you worried if you have trained […]
  • An Unlikely Triathlete – Craig Cross’s Story
    Is there certain experience you must have as a senior before competing in your first triathlon? According to Craig Cross, his Scottish ancestry makes him much more likely to be weightlifting than running. Furthermore, before his first […]
  • Christmas in October – Paul Zellner’s Story
    One way to picture Paul Zellner’s triathlon story is of a dad who became a runner, then followed his daughter into becoming a triathlete. This is an impressive story when you consider his accomplishments in endurance sports […]
  • Too Stubborn to Quit – Marty Hunter’s Story
    Have you thought about doing your first triathlon in your 60s? Marty Hunter did and is now on her way to completing an Ironman 140.6 in her 70s. Introducing Marty Hunter Maureen ‘Marty’ Hunter lives in eastern […]
  • A Special Birthday Present – Juha Makitalo’s Story
    Have you asked yourself if you should do your first full Ironman triathlon, even though you are age 50 or over? Juha Makitalo did and decided to go for it. This post contains his story, including the […]
  • Which Triathlon Has Been Your Favorite?
    You have probably been asked about your favorite triathlon, especially if you have completed even a few of them. First, a little background. I did my first triathlon on my doctor’s advice to lose weight and become […]
  • 5 Ideas for Staying Young – A Conversation with Tony Schiller
    “People give up their youth too quickly”. Tony Schiller’s words resonated, to the point of making me feel guilty. That is precisely what I was doing – giving up my youth with only a little resistance. So, […]
  • Lessons in Ironman Triathlon Racing – Another Senior Triathlete’s Experience
    Laurent Labbe recently finished Ironman Nice, a long course triathlon that boasts swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, biking in the Alps, and running along the French Riviera in Nice’s historic waterfront. While the beautiful venue made the […]
  • The Road to Ironman Triathlon – Laurent Labbe’s Story
    At age 57, senior triathlete Laurent Labbe continues to prove both to himself and others that he is young in heart and body by competing in Ironman triathlons. But there is more to his story than a […]
  • How Seniors Can Prepare for their First Triathlon
    By Laurie Larson, Contributor Triathletes of any age who are motivated and self-disciplined can safely and effectively train for a triathlon. Remember that a triathlon is not so much a sport for only the elite, but really […]
  • Making Fitness a Lifestyle – Jeanne Minder’s Story
    From her earliest memories of growing up in South St. Paul, Minnesota, Jeanne Minder has been active. Her love for moving, whether through biking, running, swimming, walking, skiing, or you-name-it, has led to impressive accomplishments in triathlon. […]
  • “At Age 70, I Had 19 Days To My First Triathlon” – Pat Johnson’s Story
    The Villages, Florida – Can you prepare for your first sprint triathlon in less than 30 days, even at age 70? According to Pat Johnson, you can. She did it and is now an advocate for seniors […]
  • Exploring the USA Through Triathlon
    After completing my first triathlon in 2011, my wife, Joy, and I looked at each other and said, “Why not?”. Why not travel across the USA and complete a triathlon in each state? I was hooked. On […]
  • Aging Athletically: Becoming a Sexagenarian and a Triathlete
    By Jessica Perkins – In 2014 before my 58th birthday, I made the decision to complete a triathlon before my 60th birthday in June 2016. My decision wasn’t really out of the blue because for many prior […]
  • What If I Want to Do An Ironman Triathlon? – Tom Lipp’s Story
    Senior Triathlete Tom Lipp took the plunge and competed in his first full Ironman triathlon.  Is an Ironman triathlon on your ‘bucket list’? Its Starts With Inspiration Track anyone’s start in triathlon or ask them about it. […]
  • “Training for My First Triathlon”- Liz Lawson’s Story
    By Liz Lawson – It’s been quite the year so far!  I turned 54 last December and little did I know what the coming year would hold for me – training for and completing my first triathlon. […]
  • ‘Live Like Josh’ – Terry Seidel’s Story
    Terri Seidel’s triathlon story is about training for her first triathlon and, in doing so, pushing herself beyond her ‘comfort zone’. Her story is also about honoring a son by doing something he had thoroughly enjoyed. It […]
  • 8 Reasons to Tri in the UK
    I was introduced to Sue Faulkner through her story in BBC’s Get Inspired. Her story, titled “Grandmother of six completes first triathlon at 63“, reported how she decided to get involved in triathlon through a classic, “I […]
  • ‘Gotta Tri’ – Triathlon in The Villages, Florida
    The Villages, Florida, located between Orlando and Ocala in central Florida, is a 55+ community like no other in the USA. To say that residents and visitors of every age and ability are required to stay active […]
  • My First Triathlon – Is This How George Plimpton Felt?
    What began as a way of losing weight and improving my physical health has led Joy and me across the USA as a triathlete and to SeniorTriathletes.com.
  • Seniors are Increasingly Using Triathlon to Stay Fit . . . and Social
    Triathlon is for Seniors Triathlon is changing the lives of many seniors – men and women alike. According to Bob Wendling, president of USA Triathlon, the number of older athletes competing in sprint triathlons has “absolutely exploded […]
  • Senior Triathlete Wins Women’s Division of National Winter Triathlon
    Senior triathlete Jan Guenther was the winner of the women’s division in the first USAT-sanctioned National Winter Triathlon Championship held January 31, 2016 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  The senior triathlete men also turned in credible performances […]

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