More Information & Inspiration (August 2022)

Here are a few articles and videos for triathlon training and planning for seniors I came across over the past month.


Of the three sports of a triathlon, technique is arguably the most important for swimming performance. This article gives three rules for an efficient, fast swim stroke that will help you get off to a good start in your next triathlon or aquabike race.

Results of numerous studies on the effects of endurance training of men and women of all ages has pointed to older women showing lower adaptation from endurance training than men and their younger female counterparts.

The linked paper describes a novel study aimed at defining a method for older women to improve their response to endurance training.


Jack Sutcliffe of San Antonio, Texas, is the oldest registered competitor of the 22nd Dam 09 Triathlon scheduled for August 20th. This will be the 19th time he has competed in this race.

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