More Information & Inspiration (January 2023)

Here are several articles related to triathlon training and planning for seniors that I came across over the past month. Several of these from this month’s finds should also inspire you to become and stay fit.


“Bridging Champions Through the Ages” is the theme for the 2023 National Senior Games (NSG). From July 7-18, Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania will host the multi-sport competition at various sports facilities.

Organizers are expecting 10,000 competitors over the age of 50 who have qualified in their respective events and states. For more information about the event and to find out about your state’s games, go to

A study from Tel Aviv University has shown that high-intensity aerobic exercise may reduce the risk of metastatic cancer by 72%. Researchers say their study is the first to investigate the effect of exercise on the internal organs in which metastases (secondary cancerous growths) usually develop, like the lungs, liver, and lymph nodes.

The conclusions paragraph of the study contains one sentence: “Healthy, fit, middle-aged adults developed fewer chronic conditions in later life than unfit persons and had a lesser burden of chronic disease before death.”

The study also showed that ‘more is better’ in the relationship between fitness and risk of disease. “Those who had the highest fitness levels also had the lowest levels of other disease-related risk factors.”

Source: Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, November 2013, pp 499-500.


In November, 2022, a UK-based group named Everyone Active celebrated its second annual Age Is Just a Number campaign. The group aims to encourage those over the age of 60 to be more physically and mentally active.

    “A bruised heel and back pain simply weren’t going to keep Frank Mosier from completing the Ironman triathlon he had to postpone for triple bypass heart surgery.”

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