More Information & Inspiration (May 2024)

Here are several articles related to triathlon training and planning for seniors that I came across over the past month. Several of these from this month’s finds should also inspire you to become and stay fit.


I admit being biased toward keeping my training journal in a combination of text documents and spreadsheets. However, I use pen and paper for another daily journal. My wife Joy keeps a written journal. Her journals have helped us remember important dates and events on more than one occasion when I had not taken time to record them.

I love all these foods, except for sage. I guess I’ll have to learn to enjoy it too.

Do you have trouble waking up? Fortunately, I pop out of bed most days, ready to start the day. But if you struggle, look at the major causes and what you can do about it.


This news report about Jon Adamson is six years old. Still, I have to shake my head in bewilderment when I remember thinking that age 70 was the cut-off for triathlon. All you men and women still going strong in triathlon or other multisport competitions in your 70s and beyond are amazing. Thanks for the reminder that consistent and balanced training is the key.

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