More Information & Inspiration (October 2023)

Here are several articles related to triathlon training and planning for seniors that I came across over the past month. Several of these from this month’s finds should also inspire you to become and stay fit.


What are ‘activation exercises’? How might they fit into a triathlon training program? This article points out some misconceptions about activation exercises and when and how to include them, if you don’t already.

Trying to reduce your caffeine consumption or resist the mid-morning pastry? This post suggests healthy changes to your morning fueling that will help you feel full until your next meal.

Research has shown that the content of our dreams change as we age. Some are comforting, while some content can be a cause for alarm.

My latest dream was somewhere in between. I dreamt I forgot to the set the garbage out on the curb, then overslept, missing it being picked up. Somebody want to explain that?


Harry King, age 81, says ‘It’s never too late to start on your fitness journey — don’t think you’re too old,’ In this article, King advises seniors on getting and staying fit, despite your age.

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