More Information & Inspiration (December 2021)

Triathlon Training Tips For Seniors From Across The Internet

Here are a few articles and videos useful for triathlon training for seniors I came across over the past month.


Coach Parry, sports scientist and author of “Faster After 50”, and his team answers this question in a short video.

You may recall reading about the smart trainer recently in Mark Bartolomeo’s triathlon story.

Saris is offering some big discounts on ‘scratch and dent’ smart trainers. They also offer new smart trainers and other trainers that I used for years for winter and early spring bike training.


Congratulations to Susan Pember who recently became a senior triathlete!

In November 2021, Susan completed a 300 meter swim, 12 km bike ride, and three km run at the 16th annual Bunbury Women’s Triathlon. Even more special was that she did this with her daughter and teenage granddaughter.

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