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  • Planning For A Triathlon At Higher Altitude
    How can you prepare for racing in a triathlon or other multisport endurance event that is at a significantly higher altitude than where you live and train? While crossing the USA to complete a triathlon […]
  • How A Coach Can Help Throughout Your Triathlon Journey
    Triathlon coaches have helped many senior triathletes navigate their triathlon journey. This is true for first timers, competitive master triathletes with decades of experience, and those in between. After rejoining Lifetime Fitness during our visit […]
  • Should You Choose Your Triathlon Distance Based On Body Type?
    Does your body type make you better suited to compete at a particular triathlon distance? Are you better suited for sprint triathlons or for Ironman distance races? I started wondering about this after finishing a […]
  • Should Senior Triathletes Track Heart Rate Variability?
    We know that recovery is critical for older triathletes. If heart rate variability can measure how well we have recovered, can it also help senior triathletes recover more completely? My First Experience With Heart Rate […]
  • How To Train For A Faster Triathlon Run
    “How can I, a 70-year-old triathlete, run 10-minute (or better!) miles?” I received this question in an email from a visitor to His question was the inspiration for this post. It has also become […]
  • Become a More Flexible Senior Triathlete By Foam Rolling
    Foam rolling is a great tool for increasing flexibility and improving recovery. I was reminded of this while at the health club a few days ago. I was halfway through the stretching routine used after […]
  • How to Improve Triathlon Training Results
    You have followed your triathlon training plan to the last detail. Still, you wonder if there are other things you can do to improve the results of your training and, therefore, help you be more […]
  • Balance in Training Intensity for Senior Triathletes
    Finding the right balance in the intensity of your triathlon training will make training more enjoyable, lead to greater consistency, and produce better results. Training Intensity for the Over-50 Triathlete A few months ago, I […]
  • Bright Spots in Triathlon From COVID Restrictions
    I will confess that I have done my share of complaining about changes over the past year. After all, the COVID restrictions turned my triathlon schedule for 2020 upside down. Of course, that this is […]
  • Four Symptoms of Impatience In Triathlon Training
    Triathletes are a motivated, driven group. However, we can often be guilty of impatience when training for a triathlon as we strive to become faster or go longer distances. Younger athletes can get by with […]
  • Better Balance Makes A Stronger Triathlete
    Does better balance make for a stronger triathlete? I believe it does. In the post titled “Triathlon Bike Training When You Can’t Ride Outside” published last month, I wrote about my upcoming skate skiing lesson. […]
  • Triathlon Bike Training When You Can’t Ride Outside
    How does training for the bike leg of triathlon occur when you can’t ride outside? There are more opportunities than you might imagine. It’s Getting Cold Outside I woke this morning to an outside temperature […]
  • Learning to Swim for Triathlon – Breathing Correctly
    Breathing correctly while swimming is a pre-requisite for a relaxed and efficient swim stroke. It is also the foundation of a confident triathlon swimmer. Learning to Swim for Triathlon Since I began learning to swim […]
  • A Special Birthday Present – Juha Makitalo’s Story
    Have you asked yourself if you should do your first full Ironman triathlon, even though you are age 50 or over? Juha Makitalo did and decided to go for it. This post contains his story, […]
  • Training to Run for Senior Triathletes
    If you are among the tens of thousands of beginner or intermediate senior triathletes, this post about training for the run is for you. Once you have a base level of aerobic fitness, it is […]
  • Training to Train – Building Aerobic Fitness for Senior Triathletes
    This post is the first in a series about training for the beginner and intermediate triathlete age 50 and over. Its focus is creating aerobic fitness for senior triathletes. Originally published on September 17, 2020, […]
  • Pros and Cons of Running in the Heat
    When first thinking about this post, I expected to find plenty of support for not running in the heat. In the past, I had done almost anything to avoid running in hot, humid weather. This […]
  • Why Senior Triathletes Should Use Interval Training
    Interval training for senior triathletes provides important health and fitness benefits through short, intense periods of exercise. It is not surprising that, in recent years, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, has been among the […]
  • Tis the Season for Fresh Tart Cherry Juice
    Did you know there are situations in which puckering up can improve your athletic performance?
  • “Atomic Habits” for Triathletes
    “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear is for those, including triathletes, who wish to create new, performance-enhancing habits. It is also for those […]
  • Why Should Seniors Use A Triathlon Coach?
    Why would a senior triathlete hire a coach for triathlon training? Triathlon coach, Dr. Jeff Sankoff, also known as The Tri Doc, shares his thoughts. Meet the Tri Doc I became acquainted with senior triathlete […]
  • 5 Ideas for Staying Young – A Conversation with Tony Schiller
    “People give up their youth too quickly”. Tony Schiller’s words resonated, to the point of making me feel guilty. That is precisely what I was doing – giving up my youth with only a little […]
  • Six Principles of Triathlon Training for Seniors
    Triathlon training must change as we age to reflect the changes in our bodies. The consequences of improper training can be career-ending. Following an approach that recognizes six principles of triathlon training for seniors age […]
  • How Does Choosing Running Shoes Change As We Age?
    After beginning to train for my first triathlon, I purchased a pair of running shoes from a specialty running store. I was happy with the shoes and the experience. I was also pleased to have […]
  • How Has Your Training Changed After Age 50?
    Recently while skimming my email inbox, an article titled “5 Training Tips to Help You Run Strong As You Age” caught my attention. What really caused me to read further was the first part of […]
  • 8 Changes in Exercise for Seniors Over 70
    By Amanda Turner, Contributor After 30, inactive people can lose 3% to 5% muscle mass per decade, according to WebMD. Exercise for seniors over 70 can help maintain good health and slow down this loss. […]
  • The Road to Ironman Triathlon – Laurent Labbe’s Story
    At age 57, senior triathlete Laurent Labbe continues to prove both to himself and others that he is young in heart and body by competing in Ironman triathlons. But there is more to his story […]
  • Favorite Swim Training Tools & Gear
    What if you are not from a swimming background though want to be more competitive in the triathlon swim? One answer is to add more structure to your swim training. I Want To Be A […]
  • Optimal Stretching Pre and Post Workout
    By Victoria Ward, Contributor We’re all aware of how important stretching is before and after our workouts, so why is it that we decide to skip those crucial exercise steps? Well, besides being time consuming, […]
  • Review of Mark Allen’s Strength Training for Triathletes
    (updated May 5, 2020) In January 2020, we all learned about a new and aggressive coronavirus, COVID-19. The virus resulted in all gyms closing for several months. If you are like me, you do not […]
  • How Seniors Can Prepare for their First Triathlon
    By Laurie Larson, Contributor Triathletes of any age who are motivated and self-disciplined can safely and effectively train for a triathlon. Remember that a triathlon is not so much a sport for only the elite, […]
  • Making Fitness a Lifestyle – Jeanne Minder’s Story
    From her earliest memories of growing up in South St. Paul, Minnesota, Jeanne Minder has been active. Her love for moving, whether through biking, running, swimming, walking, skiing, or you-name-it, has led to impressive accomplishments […]
  • Product Review: Nose Clip for Triathlon Swim Training
    Does water in your nose during swimming lead to sneezing or a running nose after your swim? How about congestion?  If you share any of these symptoms, you will also find my experience with a […]
  • Book Review – Train to Tri: Your First Triathlon
    Looking to complete your first triathlon? Want to inspire and motivate your children, grandchildren, parents, friends, or co-workers? If so, Train To Tri: Your First Triathlon by Linda Cleveland and Kris Swarthout is for you.  […]
  • What If I Want to Do An Ironman Triathlon? – Tom Lipp’s Story
    Senior Triathlete Tom Lipp took the plunge and competed in his first full Ironman triathlon.  Is an Ironman triathlon on your ‘bucket list’? Its Starts With Inspiration Track anyone’s start in triathlon or ask them […]
  • “Training for My First Triathlon”- Liz Lawson’s Story
    By Liz Lawson – It’s been quite the year so far!  I turned 54 last December and little did I know what the coming year would hold for me – training for and completing my […]
  • Rest and Recovery: Why It’s Important for Senior Triathletes
    How do senior triathletes rest while working to become more competitive? Or show our kids that we really are not old? How do we train efficiently when we have a much lower tolerance for training […]
  • ‘At the Core’ – Strength Training to Help Seniors Perform Better and Avoid Injury
    Following her win of the Women’s Division at the USA National Winter Triathlon Championship in January 2016, Jan Guenther told Senior Triathletes that seniors preparing for a triathlon should make core strength training a top […]
  • Five Factors For Selecting a Bike For Triathlon
    Selecting a bike for triathlon, especially for the beginner triathlete, can feel overwhelming. However, considering a few factors will make the process simpler and less stressful. In this post, I will summarize the factors I […]
  • Advice on Swim Training for Senior Triathletes
    For seniors, swim training is a tremendous way to build endurance while reducing the potential for overuse injuries.  While many of us are getting back into the water as pools and beaches reopen, it can […]
  • How Do I Start Running for My First Triathlon?
    Starting to Run for Triathlon Training No matter if you are new to running or it has been some time since you ran, start slowly. Follow this advice from Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to […]