More Information & Inspiration (January 2022)

Triathlon Training Tips For Seniors From Across The Internet

Here are a few articles and videos useful for triathlon training and planning for seniors from the past month.


There are plenty of posts on that prove there are no qualifications for triathlon based on body type or size. Now, Jill Colangelo, writing for Triathlete magazine, asks “Do you want to look like a triathlete or be a triathlete?”.

Remember to train for triathlon with the body you have now rather than train to achieve what you believe a triathlete should look like.

The full article is available to Triathlete subscribers, including USAT members.

Tips for increasing run volume from this USA Triathlon certified coach confirm many of the points of the latest post on training for a faster triathlon run.


Brad Brown of Coach Parry shares his journey from couch potato to multiple Ironman finisher. The video is the first installment documenting Brad’s journey to restart endurance training after being away from it for a while.

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