More Information & Inspiration (March 2024)

Here are several articles related to triathlon training and planning for seniors that I came across over the past month. Several of these from this month’s finds should also inspire you to become and stay fit.


This article is a short primer on the glute muscles: what they are, why have them strong is important for runners, and exercises for strengthening the three types of glute muscles.

We share Katie’s goal to stay active, especially as we age. I especially like suggestion number #2.

Homemade sourdough bread, especially when with sprouted wheat and spelt flours, are healthy alternatives to store-bought yeast breads. With sprouting, nutrients in the grains are more easily absorbed by our body. Using sourdough instead of commercial yeast also makes the bread more easily digested and gives the bread a lower glycemic index.

Check out our favorite sprouted wheat sourdough bread recipe here.


The structure of training for triathlons has been an essential part of Liam Colebrook’s management of addictions and suicidal thoughts.

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