Ask Our Coaches: Training For A Sprint Triathlon In The Final Six Weeks


A 69-year old member of our community who had done 13 sprint triathlons in the past three years is seeking Our Coaches’ advice. In particular, he asked for advice on training for a sprint triathlon that is six weeks from now. He indicated he is not fast and often finishes near the end, so I assume his main goal is to finish this triathlon.

Our Coaches’ Replies

Following is the email string with the response from two two coaches.

Coach Kurt Madden

Congratulations on competing in these events, and as you prepare for your next event in approximately six weeks, you might want to consider the following:

  • Maintain your consistency with your training and I would suggest that you train in the range of five days a week. Sessions should be a variety of recovery and higher threshold sessions.
  • Do your best to have two training sessions before the race where you are doing some type of race simulation. Ideally, it would be four weeks and two weeks before your race. During your race rehearsals, focus on your pacing, transitions, and nutrition. Furthermore, do your best to simulate the actual race course during your race simulation.
  • Make sure all of your equipment that you will be using on race day is ready to go within two weeks of the race to make sure you are not rushing or scrambling just before the race.

In closing, as you continue to be active in the sport of triathlons, you should strongly consider using some level of subscription on TriDot. It will provide you will a customized, personalized, and optimized training program to get you race ready as well as help prevent injuries.

You can use this link to learn more about TriDot:


Kurt Madden


Coach Tony Washington

Thanks Terry and Kurt.

It’s always hard to add to Kurt. I’d also consider some mobility and stability workouts. Yoga is great to keep us all ready for the next workout and race. After the 6 week build to this race, add some strength work.

Rest, recovery and great nutrition will keep you training and racing for many years to come.


Tony Washington


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