Our Recipes

Our Recipes

Mediterranean salad

My lunch yesterday – simple, all natural, and delicious.

This section of the Senior Triathletes website contains healthy recipes from members of the senior triathletes community.

When I started on the path leading to my first triathlon, we also began to eat differently. While losing weight was one of the goals of the exercise program, we had at the same time read about the importance of nutrition in training and the need to stop eating or at least significantly reduce added sugar that is so much a part of food that we unconsciously consume.

With the help of cookbooks containing low carb recipes, we learned to eat differently. We included more vegetables, more lean protein, and protein from non-meat sources, less sugar, and healthier fats such as from olive oil.

My wife is a master of substitution in cooking. I often joke (lovingly, of course) that if she is missing an ingredient for a recipe, she simply selects one with the same first letter as the missing one. ‘Miraculously’, the meals are still delightful.


Tips for Healthy Eating