Product Review: SafeSwimmer Float for Open Water Swimming

The SafeSwimmer Float provides visibility and more for triathletes training for open water swims. Check out the video review of the product belowInformation for getting one for yourself can be found at the end.

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Safer Open Water Swim Training

Video transcript

About half of the triathlons in which I have participated have involved open water swimming.  Even if the majority of your training is in a pool, sooner or later you will need to practice in open water.

In this post, I am going to share with you my initial experience with the ‘Safe Swimmers Float’ or ‘Float’, for short, from  You can also purchase it from SwimOutlet and Amazon.

I first became aware of the Float last summer when I noticed swimmers dragging this orange floaty as they swam past our house.   The fact that I so easily noticed them was testimony to the visibility provided to the swimmer by the bright orange color.

This additional visibility can be especially important for lakes on which boats are used for fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, and leisure cruising and are captained by people having a wide range of boating skills and focus.

The Float is quickly inflated using a few strong breaths.  It is then clipped to a belt worn around the waist of the swimmer.

The belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes up to 38 inches. An extender belt is available for larger waist sizes.

This particular model also has a place to store a water bottle for long swims.  According to the manufacturer, swim coaches recommend consuming between 150 and 350 ml or 5 to 12 fluid ounces of water every 15 minutes during a swim to avoid dehydration.

The manufacturer claims you can also store personal items such as wallets and car keys in the same area as the bottle.  I have not tried this and would, at a minimum, place these items inside a Ziploc bag to avoid them becoming wet.

Make sure that the Float is sitting on top of the water before you release it.  The first time that I let the Float hang from my belt while I was standing in shallow water, the water bottle fell out of the Float into the lake.

Once out into the open water, you will not even notice that you are towing the Float.

In addition to providing visibility for the swimmer, the Float can be used as to support the swimmer in the event of panic, a cramp or anything else that causes one to have to stop.

No matter how much assistance the Float can provide, it is still wise to never swim alone or at least never go out alone as is the case here where my wife is following beside me in her pontoon.

At $45 from, this was a purchase that is easy to justify.

By the way, one of the benefits of USAT membership is a $20 coupon to be used for purchases on  I used the coupon to purchase the Float making it even more economical.

For more information about this product or to get your own, check out the TriSports website shown here:

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Enjoy your swim training and be safe.


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