Product Review: Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun

This post contains a review of the compact Air 2 Mini Massage Gun sent to me by Bob and Brad. In addition to my feedback, I have included thoughts provided by a licensed massage therapist.


As older athletes, we know that recovery can be slower than when we were younger. Yet we want to train consistently. Tools and techniques that help us prevent injury and recover faster are especially important as we age.

Even though the days of ‘No Pain, No Gain’ are behind us, we may still occasionally experience pain, stiffness, or sore muscles after a workout. Massage guns have become a popular and effective tool for relieving pain and tight muscles.

About Bob and Brad

Bob and Brad is a brand built around two “physical therapists trusted by millions of followers.”

Almost one year ago, I reviewed the C2 Massage Gun from Bob and Brad. Both my wife, Joy, and I found the C2 to be effective in treating a painful area we were dealing with during that time.

In the earlier review, I wrote, “I am confident in their products because I trust these guys.” I trust them even more today, having since watched more videos on the Bob and Brad website.

picture comparing the shape and size of the Air 2 Mini and C2 massage guns.
Air 2 Mini (left) and C2 (right) massage guns from Bob and Brad.

What You Get With the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun

Here is what you will find inside the Air 2 Mini massage gun box:

  • Zippered carrying case with an insert for organizing the massager and its five heads.
  • Air 2 Mini massage gun.
  • Five quick change heads for different applications.
  • USB-C to USB charging cable
  • Extra grommets for quick change heads (2)
  • Manual in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish languages.


The table below shows the main specifications for the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun.

SpecificationWhy It’s ImportantValue for Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun
SpeedAlong with amplitude, speed determines the power of the massage gun. Lower speed is for a lighter duty massage, while higher speed is for a faster or more aggressive one.1750 – 2050 – 2400 rpm (3 speeds)
AmplitudeDetermines the depth of the penetration of the head. The higher this value, the deeper the massaging tool can press into the muscle.12 mm
Stall ForceThis measures the amount of force at which the gun stops vibrating. Stalling is a way the unit protects itself.28 pounds
WeightThe weight of the gun affects how easy it is to hold during use.1.25 pounds with air cushion head
Noise levelThe sound produced by the gun during operation determines if you can use it while talking or listening to others or while listening to TV or other audio or video recordings. The value for this gun is within the normal range of human conversation.not specified, though listed as their quietest massage gun

Why Five Different Heads?

The User Manual included with the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun pictures the five heads and their typical uses. These range from activating muscles before a workout to recovering after exercise and managing chronic pain from injury.

uses of different heads for the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini massage gun
Page from the Air 2 Mini massage gun User Manual showing uses for different heads.

Our Experience

After opening the Air 2 Mini box earlier in the day, Joy and I took it to a dance where we met friends. One friend, Sheri C., a licensed massage therapist, had not heard of this massage gun. While talking at our table on the dance floor, Sheri started to use it. She seemed to like it. The next day after Joy and I finished golfing with Sheri and her husband, I left the Air 2 Mini with her for more testing.

Following is Sheri’s and my comments on the Air 2 Mini.

A Licensed Massage Therapist’s Review

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I had the opportunity to try out the Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. From the moment I picked it up, I found it incredibly easy to hold and maneuver, allowing me to target specific muscle groups with precision.

The pulsing percussive movements offer three levels of strength, but what stood out to me was the versatility. Despite having the option of higher intensities, I personally found the lowest setting to be perfect for my needs. It provided just the right amount of pressure without causing any discomfort.

I primarily used the massage gun on my upper traps and hips, areas that tend to hold a lot of tension, especially after long days of giving massages. As I do not always find time to get a professional massage for myself, I found this to be a great utensil to help with those nagging areas of tight muscles that develop from my work as a Licensed Massage Therapist. The results were truly impressive. My muscles felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, not overworked or sore. It’s clear that the device effectively alleviated tension and helped promote recovery.

One of the standout features of the Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is the inclusion of several adapters, which allows for the targeting of even more specific areas with ease. This level of customization is invaluable in my line of work, as everyone has unique needs.

Additionally, I appreciate the thoughtful design of the device itself. It’s evident that a lot of consideration went into its construction, from the ergonomic design, to the compact carrying case it comes in. The case makes it convenient to transport between clients or while traveling, ensuring that I always have access to relief whenever I need it.

Overall, I believe the Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is a well-thought-out device that delivers exceptional results. This will definitely become an essential tool for me, to keep me moving when I am not able to obtain a professional massage. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to fellow massage therapists or anyone looking for effective quick relief of tight muscles.

My Thoughts

From its specifications for amplitude and stall force, the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is a light to medium duty gun. I was able to stall it easily using the air cushion head. Still, I found it to have plenty of power to release tension in stiff muscles.

The Air 2 Mini is compact yet powerful enough to treat stiffness on the go. Since I suffer with stiff upper back muscles while golfing, I took the Air 2 Mini on the golf course. I appreciated the way it relaxed tight muscles while waiting to tee off.

For some cases, like self massaging the upper back muscles, I find the C2 Massage gun easier to hold. But the Air 2 Mini is ideal for carrying in a computer bag, backpack, gym bag, and golf bag.

Want to Order the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun?

If you want to buy the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun on Amazon, please use this link:

If you purchase the Air 2 Mini using this link, I earn a small commission which helps to cover the cost of maintaining this website.

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How Do You Use a Massage Gun?

What do you use a massage gun for?

What massage gun do you use? How did you choose it? What is the most important specification for you?

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