Exploring the USA Through Triathlon

Exploring the USA Through Triathlon

Triathlon Across the USA

After completing my first triathlon in 2011, my wife, Joy, and I decided to combine our mutual love for road trips and my interest in triathlon into what we have called “Triathlon Across the USA”.

This quest has already taken us to many out-of-the-way parts of the United States, places that we would likely never otherwise have visited.  For example, many people who live in Oregon don’t know where Sweet Home is.  We have eaten, slept, and raced there.

Through these travels, we have met people across the triathlon community and those in the surrounding areas.  We have been surprised by the number of occasions when we have met people hundreds, even more than a thousand, miles from home who have friends or family near our Minnesota home.  In one case, the race director of a triathlon in one of the southern states had run near our house while visiting in-laws in Minnesota.

These travels have also provided a whole range of triathlon experiences – different terrain, race courses, weather conditions, race types, and plenty of opportunities to deal with the unexpected.

This journey is continuing.  We have not completed triathlons in all states.  The map below shows the states for which triathlons have yet to be completed.

Triathlon Across the USA progress as of January 1, 2020

Joy and I have visited each of the states in Green as part of our triathlon adventure.

Lord willing, we will continue this journey to the end.  Please join us.

Terry & Joy VanderWert

Maple Grove, Minnesota

“I press on to reach the end of the race.” Philippians 3:14

Finding a State

Below you will find a complete list of the states of the USA.  If the state contains a link, the triathlon and its accompanying story has been completed.  If not, then I am still working on it.

The picture above contains a map of the USA showing by color code the states in which I have been completed a triathlon.  States in which a triathlon is scheduled are shown in a different color.

By the way, the region names and grouping of states in the headings below follows the standard used by the US Census Bureau.  I didn’t just make them up.


States of the Northeast USA

Northeast USA


States of the Midwest USA

Midwest USA


States of the Southern USA

Southern USA


states of the Western USA

Western USA

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