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What Does Science Say to Seniors About Running?

by Terry VanderWert
What Does Science Say to Seniors About Running?

Is running good or bad for us?  Here is what we can learn from scientific studies.

Running is probably the most controversial of the triathlon sports, with swimming being a close second.

From my conversations with fellow triathletes, it seems that a majority of senior triathletes come to triathlon from a background of running.  However, those who have not spent their ‘before triathlon’ lives as runners are faced with at least some level of confusion about ‘if’ they should run.  After all, the ‘conventional wisdom’ is that running is hard on the joints, that is, on joints that may already be showing the signs of age.

An internet search on the keyword phrase ‘running vs. walking’ produced some interesting, even pleasantly surprising, results of academic research that show that this conventional wisdom is, in fact, not necessarily correct.

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